Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Bang Theory Theme song

I love watching  The Big Bang Theory and am a Sheldon fan. Love the show and all the quirky characters.This is a very funny, witty, original show with just the type of nerdy awkward characters to satisfy the geek in me.  The premise is quite simple : two scientists live in an apartment and a blonde beauty moves into the apartment next door. Leonard, one of the scientists falls in love with her and then the blundering courtship begins.The dialogue between the geeky friends is full of smart ass comments, techo babble and witty one liners. The references to all our favorite SciFi series is spot on. Just the show for all geeks everywhere no matter which language they speak.
 They could have made the show quite ridiculous by making the main characters into the kind of stereo typical geeks/nerds that you see in most sitcoms. But they didn't and let all the characters grow and mature, including the supporting cast and therein lies the strength of the show. For the geeks the science humor is irresistible.
If you haven't already watched this show, get online and start watching. you won't regret it.
Loved  the episode where the geeks in China were controlling the lights in Sheldon's house and thinking this is so awesome and Penny could not understand what was so amazing about it.
Jim parson's portrayal of Sheldon Cooper is  magnificent and deserved the Emmy. He really holds the show together with his portrayal of the Sheldon character who's equal parts quirky, obscure, genius and sarcastic.
While trawling the web I came across this video of Barenaked Ladies performing the show's theme song on the BBT set.  So here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's that time again!

In a month's time, the Americans will be electing their new commander-in-chief. Let us hope the new US president is able to shoulder the responsibility and is able to clear the mess in US financial markets. Meanwhile enjoy this funny video from Jibjab. Love it when Obama is shown to be in la la land and McCain keeling over mid-sentence. And who can ignore Hillary with her promise to return in four years. A Must Watch!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


A friend of mine is in a band and when he came to know about my poetry writing, he asked my opinion about some of the songs his band has written. As I was reading them, a poem came to me. I named it Sorrow. The first line is inspired by a poem by W.H. Auden.


As I walked home one evening
through streets torn by strife
I came across a man in evening clothes
He sat amid the rubble that was once his home.
He sat, still, with unseeing eyes,
Listening with a numbed heart
To his leader's barefaced lies.
The words spoke of compassion,
bravery, discipline and strength.
Overhead, jets created a commotion
Destroying homes with deadly precision.
Bodies and limbs carpeted the road
filling potholes with crimson blood.
I dipped my hand in one of the pools
trying to separate Hindu-Muslim blood.
The effort is futile, like I always thought
If only the terrorists gave it a thought
Fighting over God's own land,
divided now by mortal hand.
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